short story slam week 42, amy tan and oakland, her clans


strong woman
never agree to give in or give up

growing up between Jinmei Wu, shanghai
and Ming Guan, San Francisco, amy tan learns

Chinese, English,
ghosts, rumors, fair tales, newspapers, multi arts

Amy loves America until
she steps in Nanjing soil, by political and family background reasoning

until today, Amy falls in between,
has her novels published, more than seven

books, her fiction, her love, her ovation,
it is a very interesting thing

her relatives are worthy some mention,
Eric Corner, Kenneth Kolleda, Jesse Suareztan, Sherrie Kolleda

diligence, wit,
romance, await

Victor Tan, Antonina Kinghorn,
Mary Tan, Kwok Chan

Ben Francisco
Cynthia Francisco

Barbara Alspach
Matt Alspach

Luis Falcon, Ronald Jones,
Craig Jones, Yue Tan

Mike Tan, Natalie Tan,
Yee Low, J. G. Tilloston

Elizabeth Tan, Yandra Tan,
Tan Anderson, Gloria Vanderbilt

Anderson Cooper, Cao Zhu,
Dao Tan, Kee Chik,

Amy Low, Seng Tan,
Mun Chik, Munlip Chik

Olivia Miyamoto, Gloria Chang,
Mei Yang, Yuetngor Poon,

Ming Guan, Amy Tan,
William Guarison, Amelia Wu

caught in between
my teeth feel the pain

blown by east wind
my hair goes tanglewood and sad

abbey wood, thomas wood,
joseph wu, Jeannette wilson

lots of words
over spilling emotion near stockyard from Dallas


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