humor week 58, poetry and story inn fridays week 94: Happy Thanksgiving, we do eat Turkey , add some Hong shao Rou (red pork roasted) 红烧肉

Melania Trump - latest news, breaking stories and comment - The Independent
Illinois Sues Trump Tower Over Wastewater Discharged Into the Chicago River  - The New York Times

Tom Tomorrow | The Nation

舌尖上的美食】上海红烧肉和东坡肉有什么区别?正宗红烧肉的做法,去上海哪里去吃最正宗? - 猫途鹰旅游资讯

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plain rice,

food is good,

food tells a story of family bounds

people share food

people share wisdom

poetry and story inn fridays week 86, poetry form week 53, children’s nursery rhymes

“Jack in the Box”

Jack in the box (cover your eyes)

Sits so still.

Won’t you come out?

Yes, I will! (throw up your arms)


Merry Christmas Golden Glitter |

Trot, Trot, Trot”

Trot, trot, trot to London.

Trot, trot, trot to Dover.

Look out, ____, (baby’s name)

Or you might fall OVER! 

poetry picnic week 64, poetry and story inn fridays week 83

Skyscraper Day – Fun Holiday
Tips for Sustainable Travel | World Environment Day 2019

World Coconut Day? Sounds Like A Good Time For A Pina Colada | SEPW
Julius Lothar Meyer's 190th Birthday

xiao bei, miao changxin, bie mama,

peter, andrew, zeng guopan, susan,

hannah, lin fanghua, tian gang, cheng guiqiang,

they travel in space

they put Bing Ma Rong museum in New york times posts.

poetry form week 29, Epiphany or Manifestation, short story slam week 138

example of Epiphany

I used to smoke a lot. Everyone let me know that it was bad for my health however, I didn’t pay any notice. One day I saw my two-year-old baby trying to grab a stubbed-out cigarette from the ashtray. Seeing this, it suddenly dawned on me how terrible smoking was, and I stopped smoking.

second example of Epiphany or Manifestation


why shall Stephan Wilson speak of human science? it is a secret theme there,

as long as Burns Hargis and Jeff Watts run a gas station, many car owners will

continue their march to fresh clothing shops, italian restaurants, and furthermore,

residents could travel to Greece, Chile, and Germany for some better background..





hyde park poetry week 93, short story slam week 130, poetry and story inn fridays week 58, Sunday’s Whirligig week 242

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “In Topeka, Kansas” by Tim Upperton: free, wife, imagine, swat, hole, bicycle, fretful, bothersome, weekend, roses, looping, flies

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[唐] 王维
bird sings songs
by tang dynasty, wang wei
when we relax,
gui flower withers
midnight is quiet, the mountain is empty
a bird sings, we feel startled hearing the echoes
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古剑奇谭 1 Ancient Sword Legend
Image result for 【ENG SUB】古剑奇谭二 11 | Swords of Legends II EP11(付辛博、颖儿、李治廷、张智尧主演)

古剑奇谭二 11 | Swords of Legends II EP11(付辛博、颖儿、李治廷、张智尧主演)

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peng hanqing
california farm and ranch leader Clyde Runyan
Bluebommet at Texas

poetry and story inn fridays week 57, humor week 26, poetry picnic week 53

Welcome to Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden

An Italian Poetry Cafe For Poets Who Share and Get Inspired…

charming poets from our place all
carry our spirit, spending lots of time keeping our poems well formed until today

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Delta Airline, an easy way to dream

male singers

young singers from jiangsu weishi television

73 birthday  birthday wishes to princess ava as a writer

Bill Clinton and Rosa Parks

bill clinton and rosa park

happy family

a family celebrates Christmas


jiahong wu and sheng wu

SAM_4654.JPG jiahong wu, tom l. wu, and angela thomas


sheng and tom, nashville of Tennessee, november of 2016


san diego zoo, november of 2015


Tom yarbrough and john Dewey at Harvard University natural history museum,

november of 2014

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donald trump and melania trump works hard to serve USA,

hope that they win 2020 office at white house

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two families celebrate Thanksgiving




poetry and story inn fridays week 53

wall cockhenson2019

An Feng, wuhan born    Zhang Jizhong, Tom McDaniel, Liu Yifei, who is that?

B Bush   george bush and barbara bush

blue-wings   angela zhu, or Lottie Evelyn Williams, is she cute?

Gale Storm and Audie Murphy   Frank Eaton and David Smith,

Jenna Hager  jena bush and henry hager

many layers of onions

we peel in orange blues

we taste bitter sweet food

we laugh nicely

because we write some poems to tickle

poetry and story inn fridays week 46 —49, wordle writing, signsin june

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wordless Thursdays

Signs without speeches

short story with a single glance

humor without a grin

crazy drive at dawn

a crow late nigth before 12pm

lovely honey pots

Christopher Robin and  Winnie the Pooh,

all deaf in a scooter ride

children swim in noiseless weekend

learn how to swing without a string attached

too lazy to say lovely things

yet too greedy to walk to next door to share info