world peace in may year 8, 2019 <—2012, which means jingle poetry @olive garden poetry picnic week 49


check out these, we promote world peace
year 8, may of 2019, Sasha James Maxium bost Philpark,
year 7, may of 2018, stephan peter carl victor hudson
year 6, may of 2017, stephan peter carl victor hudson
year 5, may of 2016, michelle ivana yunaska theilfing obama
year 4, may of 2015, larry hasty wendy stanley wojcicki
year 3, may of 2014, jingle poetry @olive garden administrative, Venetian Peng
year 2, may of 2013, Larry Hasty Wendy Stanley wojcicki
year 1, may of 2012, Taylor kong Boomer, Jingle yan

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why reading poetry makes peace?

how writing poetry can help improving our peace manner?

it is because we care about our mood

and we care about our influences


Vanessa writes some,

Alison writes some,

Jennifer writes some,

Olivia writes some


I feel good when I know my friends having  production

I feel good if I am read by a president

I feel flattered if my children read my books

world peace begins with a short verse


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people from south africa does write poetry

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poets rally week 90, humor week 18

matt cutts matt cutt

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Image result for jiuxiang restaurant


jiuxiang yuan


The child cries at her breast.

And the mosquito also bites

The sleeping mother


With ink-stained lips,

The boy leaves his poem

For the cool outdoors


Stillness and solitude –

Sinking into stones,

The trill of cicadas

Sijiu Qunson

sensitive and unexpected

rising heat from Wangfujing street

yu hua and manson music

poets rally week 89, happy nine

why posting such rally post?

because we have been focus on poems brewing—

we find ways to cook:

either free will, or meals by themes

we have humor and story slams,

we think of lots of poetry excellence—

riika, blaga, amanda, zachary, tracey, charles, lovely annie

jingle, emily, wilson, briana, samba, sarah, shail, malia,

someone from distance wonder about how it works—

it works easily, indivdual and group,

all post something unique, a trip in frankford,

or a birthday party in booster club

keep writing,

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Image result for 9th birthday

short story slam week 105, jingle poetry @olive garden week 48,

University of Delaware campus

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Season’s Greetings,
what do you eat during 2018 Holiday season,
Green beans?
mashed potatoes?
baked fish?
ham or green peppers?
brain storm your food
and share in your free blog,
either from or from

jingle poetry poets

charming poets from our place all
carry our spirit, spending lots of time keeping our poems well formed until today
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Image result for thursday poets rally

December Words in 55

by Carolina Walker Myers

Decent, technology, ember,
Gem, bee, October, November,
Home Depot, Best Buy, Becky,
Winter, Christmas, Holidays,
Bible, church, Sundays, Santa,
Gifts, Presents, Family, Love,
Virgin, New Year’s Eve, Merry,
Christmas Trees, Ornaments, Greetings,
Cards, Fire Crackers, Changes,
Birthdays, Decorations, Chimney,
Reindeer, Sled, Snow, Red, Snowman,
Money, Cash, Skiing, Santa Fe, Shopping Mall
Checks, Dreams, and Regrets…


By Timonthy Jacobshen Wood


There’s an ocean of fire.
The water is boiling,
tearful rebirth,
A take of the transforming pills.
The awareness from past failures,
Boom road home,
like mist above the ocean sailors.
The bruises are deepened by salty water,
Imperfect cruises,
Illustrated buoyancy of hope along the shore.
Different docks,
The same suffering,
Wait until 7am,
to share the same boat,
how surprising.

poetry formweek 12, funny bunny fridays week 16, poets rally week 87

Alicia Bestreoo

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lawrence yalhe

Image result for five below and rick and morty   a poetry form


none is good

the argument is hot

sunshine too weak

cloud is too loose

road too rocky

floor too dirty

desk too messy

thoughts too tangled

ocean too deep

shore too crowded

mindset too troubled

mothers too bossy

birds too out of reach

hands too full

friends too picky

a singing opera from Wang Rongrong and Zhang Junqiu

none is certain

all too overwhilming


short story slam week 99, poetry and story inn fridays week 30

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someone, somewhere, eric and frank meet

they decide to take a note on Ohio State university

where they find lots of residents relatives

so, if donald trump and michael poence agree

they may make it real

Hardee’s comes in

Homedepot comes in

Hampton comes in

Joseph Singer and Alf Buffett join  in with Loyola and Tulane production

things becomes dramatic

why not reject?

because they find 100 locations bean sprouting at the same time

when a policeman drives by

they wave American flags and give him a free diet coke,

which is juicy and so and so





short story slam week 98, poetry and story inn fridays week 27

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it is about a location,
where distant wisdom roots
and fresh air stirs

1. Meng Shiyuan 3. joyce wilson 5. peng Xing
2. Liu Yanyu 4. k. d. hurley 6. Julio Ottino

Related image   Li yanhui, or Liu Yanyu

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Beihai, northern sea

shen nong jia, hubei,

amazon ~ yamashen

thomas ~ tuo ma shi


amazing Huichang at Jiangxi

incredible Shenyang at LiaoNing

excellent Toronto at Canada

irresistible Longyan at Fujian


Hollywood, Disney, Six Flags play world, yahoo Inc,

Sesame Place, Epcot, San Diego Zoo, Google campus,

John F. Kennedy space center,  Lyndon Baird Johnson presidential museum,

Trump hotel at new york, Trump University and New York time square

poetry connect dot to dot

harbor to harbor

we write,

we feel the pride

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