short story slam week 49,Vian, Nashoba,Honobia, Hugo, Spiro, Gracemont,Aline,Gage,Fitzhugh,Krebs, Moyers, and Shidler

Toby Brown and Ann Shaw education

Terry Briggs and Mackenzie Odom award winning


Francis Willard hall

Mark Costello and De’Shonae Tillman downtown store


Regina Dale Henry faculty fame

Keith Hunt and Neta Poole word game


Ann Benson and Kenneth Clair at facebook wall

Bailey Fry and Ed Speairs hand writing sheet rooster call


a pig says oink

a ram responds with a barr


San Jose focuses on Robert Noyce and Robert Panel Lau

Mountain View opens GypsySnark Bookstore


Meredith Shepard and Mary Talley agree,

Jayme Pack and Jeanne Croka pay for Citation fee


John Conyers and Marjorie Johnson publish bluebunny shop,

Bradford Knapp and Bert Jackson vote for greenwood gas stop


Steve Farris and Jeff Fair, Shamim Mondal and Stephen Wanger,

Ann Hargis and Burns Hargis, Valerie Colvin and Beth Williams,


why crow?

why swing among banana trees?


Barbara Kenney and Miky Fabrega indeed love the wild,

Anne Wojcincki and Cyndi Collin-Hise really love to fight for good ties


Layton Hicks, Chris Forsyth, Judy Bradbury, Barry Epperley,

Suzy Harrington, Robin Purfie, M. E. Trapp, Madeline Shriver,


the siren stops

calm sea greets untouched stone woods

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Image result for octavia, oklahoma


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short story slam week 47, baby shower and new born and expected motherhood for jen hilgen

baby fears,

baby showers,

a gift from heaven is set

baby love

baby room

a couple is inspecting a birth ahead

baby listens

baby laughs, and baby kicks,

baby loves to relax

baby sleeps,

baby cries,

a baby inside jennifer hilgen will and is famed by baby jodinski

baby walks

baby talks

a baby magazine does baby managements via quartz mountain

baby judy,

baby blume,

baby joke

baby humor

baby sound and baby rumors


baby emily and baby anne join a new baby johnson, wilson, wood, pippen, jordan, peters, constantin, boren, frates, altus, davis, ellise, frank, thielfing, joseph, fallin, hargis, jaco, penn yan, and raun, penn, louis, wrighton, storm, wojin, brin, schmidt, page, southworth, pichai, gilbert, rosenberg, sandberg, bogue, and cohen…

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Image result for pregnant lady

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Image result for new born child

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see what they do, view what we can learn from,IAS, princeton

Gaoyong Zhang

Ke Zhang

Ren-Jie Zhang

Shaowei Zhang

Shiming Zhang

Shouwu Zhang

Xiaoyi Zhang

Yitang Zhang

Chao-Hsi Chang

Jingyu Zhao

Peng Zhao

Ilia Zharkov

Fangyang Zheng

Yuxi Zheng

Zheng Zheng

Jia-Qing Zhong

Hong-Nan Zhou

Xin Zhou

Shun-Hui Zhu

Yongchang Zhu

Konstantin Zhukov

Ekaterina Zhuravskaya

Tamar Ziegler

Katherine Zieman

Roger Zierau

Michael Ernest Zieve

Jarrett Zigon

Wolfgang Ziller

Friedrich Zimmermann

Michael F. Zimmermann

Moshe I. Zimmermann

Wolfhart Zimmermann

Rainer Zimmert

Aleksey Zinger

Ernst-Wilhelm Zink

Thomas Zink

Zhouping Xin

Chenyang Xu

Yongzhong Xu

Youyu Xu

BingKan Xue

Hang Xue

Jinxin Xue

Menahem Yaari

Amit Pratap Singh Yadav

Fumio Yagi

Victor Yakhot

Mykhaylo Mykhaylo Yakubovych

Nicholas Yalouris

Hidehiko Yamabe

Hiro-Fumi Yamada

Hiroyuki Yamaguchi

Kazuhiro Yamamoto

Yoshihiko Yamamoto

Sadayuki Yamamuro

Masahito Yamazaki

Tadashi Yamazaki

Jonathan Yamron

Baisheng Yan

Catherine Yan

Xiaodong Yan

Michael Yanase

Niza Yanay

Chen Ning Yang

Faculty 1955–1966

Chung-Tao Yang

Dingyu Yang

Lo Yang

Lisa Clay

Jeanne Clelland

Charles Herbert Clemens

Paul A. Clement

Guido Clemente

Inga V. Clendinnen

Alfred H. Clifford

Edward T. Cline

Adrian Clingher

Kevin Clinton

Patricia Clough

Frank M. Clover

Laurent Clozel

Stephen Clucas

John H. Coates

Parks McLendon Coble

Simona Cocco

Fritz Coester

James Cogdell

Benjamin Cohen

Claudine Cohen

David M. Cohen

Eckford Cohen

Frederick Ronald Cohen

Getzel M. Cohen

Haskell Cohen

Irvin Sol Cohen

Jeffrey Cohen

Jeremy Cohen

Joel E. Cohen

Leon W. Cohen

Marshall M. Cohen

Michael J. Cohen

Michael Cohen

Mitchell Cohen

José Colomer

Lucy Colwell

Jean Michel Combes

George Comenetz

Leo Comerford

Howard Comfort

Antônio Conde

Fabio Conforto

Harold Conklin

Charles Conley

Jack F. Conn

Edwin H. Connell

William Connell

Joan Breton Connelly

John Connelly

Owen S. Connelly

Pierre E. Conner

Alain Connes

Brian Connolly

Serena Connolly

William E. Connolly

W. Robert Connor

Joseph J. Connors

Brian Conrad

J. Brian Conrey

Caterina Consani

Giles Constable

Professor Emeritus

Marianne Constable

Olivia Remie Constable

Radu Constantinescu

Maria Conterno

George A. Converse

James W. Cook

George E. Cooke

John Phillips Coolidge

Daryl Cooper

Eugene Cooper

Frederick Michael Cooper

northwestern, hubei, wuchang,evanston, kenosha, and madison views

Northwesern, The Write Way,
Now, and then, Spring Splender rains Summer Thing
Roy Elvove and Cindy Crawford promote dance Marathon,
Chris Galford and Kellie Elmore write flash fiction stories,

Back in Winter, 2013,
Morton Schapiro posts under Pat Quinn, Evanston,
Digital Distraction and TED^x involve Judy Royal and David Taylor
SparkTruck in Fast Company integrates wit from Rachel Star, Alex Chudler

inside lab notes, Memory goes up in smoke,
women in wheel get excited with Carolyn Jane Jones, Matthew Smith, Hans Breiter,
oceans and continents complete jigsaw puzzles,
thanks to Nocolas Cowan, Dorian Abbot, Mike McMullan, Drew Crawford, and Ashley Deary

Chief Judge of Nu at District of Illinois carries tough and fair role,
Ruben Castillo, Curtis Lawrence, Ester Carrera, Daryl Morey, and William Weinbaum judge,
when a ball throws into a basket in ScottTrade court,
Ellen Blum Barish and Karen Russell feel the waves

so, a dozen books are highlighted via purple tense,
Dan Chaon, Leslie Pietrzyk, Gary Soto, Jim Carter, Nathan Brown, Phil Bolsta, Veronica Roth keep writing,
Cristina Henriquez, Sean Enright, Julio Ottino, Jian Cao, Ed Colgate, Yasmin Salfati, and Julia Hye-Kyung Shin catch up,
Helen Froelich Holt, Vivian Becker, Kevin Salwen, Jill Yul Houk, Katie Zhu, Gina Barton, and Abby Wilkinson smile

Esenga Burton does well from Baltimore,
Nancy Sharp, Douglas Foster, and Ryan Swift, they relate to Molly Shi, Dan Little, and Tom Lee Wu, forgive Mimi Yang, Sansan Yang, Yuejing Bie, Jiajing Shuai, Benyun Shuai, and Yizhi Yan, Shezhi Yan, Haoqi zhang, let all writers get mother goose senses

music programs from rutgers university, new jersey


Music Faculty

Full-Time Music Faculty

Julianne Baird, Distinguished Professor, Ph.D., Stanford
Vocal Performance Practice, History of Opera, and Music History

Joseph C. Schiavo, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Clinical Associate Professor,
Ph.D., Rutgers, Tonal and Post-Tonal Music Theory, 20th-Century Music History

Mark Zaki, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Princeton
Composition, Music Technology, Director of the Music Program

Stefán Örn ArnarsonTheater Programs Director, Instructor of Music; MM Violoncello, Michigan


Artist Associates (Applied Music) and Part-Time Lecturers

Joseph Akinskas, Jr., MA; Instrumental Methods in Brass and Education

Ryan Bunch, MA in Musicology, Maryland

Lenuta Ciulei Atanasiu, Applied Music in Violin and Viola

Karen Hagerman, DM in Voice Performance, Indiana

Laurie A. Lally
, MMus Ed., Boston; Online Course Development and Instruction

Michael Nikolidakis, BM in Music Composition, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music; Guitar and Piano

Eric Polack, MA, Rutgers-Newark; Jazz History, On-line Instruction

Sam Ruttenberg
, MM, Julliard; Percussion

Robert P. Smith, MM, Rutgers-Newark; Jazz History On-line Instruction

Ted Velykis, BA in Music, Rutgers-Camden; Guitar

Julia Zavadsky, DMA in Choral Conducting, Suny (Stony Brook)



Fine Arts Administrative Staff

Kenneth Elliott, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Theater

Maria Buckley, Administrative Assistant

Jake Hufner, Program Coordinator

poetry rally week 83, short story slam week 43

Hyde Park Poetry

It is a story about Jina Yung,

Who gives a go to Shen Yun

and at times, recall her time at Beijing,

so, Julia Martin comes in,

keep trying to speak to Mark Wrighton, on Washington University,

A George Washington feverish spot,

I never expect it to happen, that staff there has handsome ties

Julia Martin, wife to Eric Meng, honored by Jianguo Fandian hotel,

a wife and a mother to two, Matt Meng, Marissa Meng,

the past experience on Electricity company revivies

We are reminded about Qiming Li, Bing Li, Nianyu Wang,

Mingzhou Wang, Dongkui zhang, Guizhi Zhang, Wei shifu,

Tian Juxian, Yan Feng, Xu Jianying, Zhen Baoxia, Chen He, peer Song,

including some college graduates Zhang Hong, Yu He, Tian Shiji, Yan Ji,

we used to joke about Cai Guoqing, Gong Li, Zhang Yimo, Guan Moye,

the political weather at the time of 1990-1993 is tense

Deng Xiaoping, Hu Jintao, Li Peng, Zhu Lin, Wen Jiaobao, Mao Amin, Weiwei, Ni Ping

so , after 24 years, memories remain

some ladies from office of Accounting, or office of Bursar, such as Zhao, Zhang, Wang Yanzhen, He Zi, Ma Ran, …

Gratitude sends to Mrs. Wei, Ma Shiping, Ma Yun, Jack Ma, and Yan Youngcui


short story slam week 42, amy tan and oakland, her clans


strong woman
never agree to give in or give up

growing up between Jinmei Wu, shanghai
and Ming Guan, San Francisco, amy tan learns

Chinese, English,
ghosts, rumors, fair tales, newspapers, multi arts

Amy loves America until
she steps in Nanjing soil, by political and family background reasoning

until today, Amy falls in between,
has her novels published, more than seven

books, her fiction, her love, her ovation,
it is a very interesting thing

her relatives are worthy some mention,
Eric Corner, Kenneth Kolleda, Jesse Suareztan, Sherrie Kolleda

diligence, wit,
romance, await

Victor Tan, Antonina Kinghorn,
Mary Tan, Kwok Chan

Ben Francisco
Cynthia Francisco

Barbara Alspach
Matt Alspach

Luis Falcon, Ronald Jones,
Craig Jones, Yue Tan

Mike Tan, Natalie Tan,
Yee Low, J. G. Tilloston

Elizabeth Tan, Yandra Tan,
Tan Anderson, Gloria Vanderbilt

Anderson Cooper, Cao Zhu,
Dao Tan, Kee Chik,

Amy Low, Seng Tan,
Mun Chik, Munlip Chik

Olivia Miyamoto, Gloria Chang,
Mei Yang, Yuetngor Poon,

Ming Guan, Amy Tan,
William Guarison, Amelia Wu

caught in between
my teeth feel the pain

blown by east wind
my hair goes tanglewood and sad

abbey wood, thomas wood,
joseph wu, Jeannette wilson

lots of words
over spilling emotion near stockyard from Dallas