world peace in may by jingle poetry ppweek 47, poetry and story inn fridays week 21

  douglas combs

   james hudson


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lots of things could not be done

without donald trump, hilary clinton, and mary fallin

when a disagreement is posted

others choose to follow

while some remain opinions preserved

we allow freedom

which means freedom to post or not posting

but, on behave of ourselves

we tell you that say things positive

not to state those controversy points


poetry and story inn fridays week 15, 16


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she is there when we visit Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

Image result for Claire E. Sterk  Donald Trump, 2016 to 2020 president

Babe Jane

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Wendy  Schmidt




poetry and story inn Fridays week 10

dou yi, he treated his child with a candy bar,

which makes xu ming and zhang shuanghu wonder:

why in this world all care about each other?

Li Jingna, she invited Liu shuanqian for dinner,

which makes chen geng, lin zhiwu, yao yao go crazy,

because food often block them from knowing Shin Yeh /Xiwu better



on DEcember 14, 2017, Xu Tongxin was born,

a sibling to Xu Tongcheng,

a baby to Xu Xiaojing and Ying Li,

they truly knock doors with surprises among folks of Beijing Normal University,


Jiu Xiyu, a baby girl,

she is an addition to Jiu Xinyi,

two girls make a family busy,

the proud parents are Liu Hua and Jiu Quanshen



knocking at doors of Heaven

people from Taipei, Gaoxiong, Xinzhu, Taichung, Penghu, and Minlan dream a lot,

they enter paradise of colorful flower garden

knowing themselves as angels

praising Cai Guoqing, Ma Shiping, Wei Wei, Mao A min, and Mao Anqing….

who cares who is cooking dinner at Howard hotel?

who cares who is making a birthday cake for Benji Wojin and Chlor Wojin?

Barton Stan and Samba Trump may refuse to know their neighbor’s dogs,

at least, Melania Trump and Donald Trump understand Xi Mingze’s new year wishes

Shenzhen university,

Jinan University,

Huanan Shifan university,

Sun Yat-Sen university,

Guangzhou University,

Taipei university,

they co-own knowledge, the same deduction from root -1 to i

poetry and story inn fridays week 9, and 10


it seems like Daniel Sharp, Robert sharp, Curt Sharp are okay

with Tulane University, and Louisiana State University,

when Bob Dole and Al Gore visit

they enjoy Michael Graham walkway and the tiger’s eyes are lazy

since many people decide to stay single, or alone,

Audubon Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Epcot, Magical Kingdom,

all business keep sensitive eyes on tourists,

small or big,

retal shops such as Walmart, Rouses, Winn v Dixie, Whole Food Market, Breaux Market,

all post lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables in their isles,

they are watchful for who come,  what they buy,

Christmas season has come,

Sam Walton, Samantha Murphy, Elena Murphy, Wu Aimei, Wu Jiamei, Peng Chuanbing,

Yang Qingming, George Wilson, Joy Evelyn Wilson, Samba Xia, Helen Wu, Melinda Mao,

they become sweet,

they remember Tina Wu, Emily Wang, Jessica Fan, Grace Lu, John Nguyen, Connie Liu,

they become frontier runners for Sweet Queen Anne and Princess Chloe volunteering

poetry and story inn fridays week 8, short story slam week 78,


far from Harbin, Sanya, Shenzhen, Guangxi, and Taiyuan,

stories revolve

people there hear silly penguinns

they often tease them for their slow movements

when days and nights become short

winter cold air often block people’s views


they choose to be deaf

or mute

they won’t agree to walk too long

or send their wishes to Santa Clause

but, they lit up a fire

and they curl their dreams inside their Knights Caps

Ed Paso’s Job, short stroy slam week 3

Ed Paso is a trash can,
He likes disposals,
either trash only,
or plastic bottles, soda cans, glass wine cups
or newspapers, office papers, napkins or plates
Ed Paso feels proud of himself,
Because he bears almost everything,
and he is capable of withholding all the sharp needles…
Ed Paso’s dream is simple,
Reuse resources, redo soil and plants research,
and recycle anything, everything, with the help of solar energy

poetry and story inn fridays week 5, short story slam week 75

when the autumn leaves falls
cold breeze releases its madness
a green jacket, which is what Trina Beck needs
Clarion Herald newspool
The Picaynne A1A2BCG nola . com
Brother Martin High School has track and field race
besides Tulane news, Loyno magazine,
Jesuit High School on Thursday,  with Calley Robin Blue in their clothes
Johnny Blue, David Scotton, Marilyn Stewart, Chaz Dalley, none agrees
with Rouses Markets price