poetry and story inn Fridays week 10

dou yi, he treated his child with a candy bar,

which makes xu ming and zhang shuanghu wonder:

why in this world all care about each other?

Li Jingna, she invited Liu shuanqian for dinner,

which makes chen geng, lin zhiwu, yao yao go crazy,

because food often block them from knowing Shin Yeh /Xiwu better



on DEcember 14, 2017, Xu Tongxin was born,

a sibling to Xu Tongcheng,

a baby to Xu Xiaojing and Ying Li,

they truly knock doors with surprises among folks of Beijing Normal University,


Jiu Xiyu, a baby girl,

she is an addition to Jiu Xinyi,

two girls make a family busy,

the proud parents are Liu Hua and Jiu Quanshen



knocking at doors of Heaven

people from Taipei, Gaoxiong, Xinzhu, Taichung, Penghu, and Minlan dream a lot,

they enter paradise of colorful flower garden

knowing themselves as angels

praising Cai Guoqing, Ma Shiping, Wei Wei, Mao A min, and Mao Anqing….

who cares who is cooking dinner at Howard hotel?

who cares who is making a birthday cake for Benji Wojin and Chlor Wojin?

Barton Stan and Samba Trump may refuse to know their neighbor’s dogs,

at least, Melania Trump and Donald Trump understand Xi Mingze’s new year wishes

Shenzhen university,

Jinan University,

Huanan Shifan university,

Sun Yat-Sen university,

Guangzhou University,

Taipei university,

they co-own knowledge, the same deduction from root -1 to i


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