northwestern, hubei, wuchang,evanston, kenosha, and madison views

Northwesern, The Write Way,
Now, and then, Spring Splender rains Summer Thing
Roy Elvove and Cindy Crawford promote dance Marathon,
Chris Galford and Kellie Elmore write flash fiction stories,

Back in Winter, 2013,
Morton Schapiro posts under Pat Quinn, Evanston,
Digital Distraction and TED^x involve Judy Royal and David Taylor
SparkTruck in Fast Company integrates wit from Rachel Star, Alex Chudler

inside lab notes, Memory goes up in smoke,
women in wheel get excited with Carolyn Jane Jones, Matthew Smith, Hans Breiter,
oceans and continents complete jigsaw puzzles,
thanks to Nocolas Cowan, Dorian Abbot, Mike McMullan, Drew Crawford, and Ashley Deary

Chief Judge of Nu at District of Illinois carries tough and fair role,
Ruben Castillo, Curtis Lawrence, Ester Carrera, Daryl Morey, and William Weinbaum judge,
when a ball throws into a basket in ScottTrade court,
Ellen Blum Barish and Karen Russell feel the waves

so, a dozen books are highlighted via purple tense,
Dan Chaon, Leslie Pietrzyk, Gary Soto, Jim Carter, Nathan Brown, Phil Bolsta, Veronica Roth keep writing,
Cristina Henriquez, Sean Enright, Julio Ottino, Jian Cao, Ed Colgate, Yasmin Salfati, and Julia Hye-Kyung Shin catch up,
Helen Froelich Holt, Vivian Becker, Kevin Salwen, Jill Yul Houk, Katie Zhu, Gina Barton, and Abby Wilkinson smile

Esenga Burton does well from Baltimore,
Nancy Sharp, Douglas Foster, and Ryan Swift, they relate to Molly Shi, Dan Little, and Tom Lee Wu, forgive Mimi Yang, Sansan Yang, Yuejing Bie, Jiajing Shuai, Benyun Shuai, and Yizhi Yan, Shezhi Yan, Haoqi zhang, let all writers get mother goose senses

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