the newscastle pacer on the run, catch it up!

professor Kathryn Castle won’t disagree

that she is very strict, and wise too in teaching,

professor Patricia Jordan always smiles

when she thinks of her sons, teaching in Beijing (Peking),

professor Suzie Parson is tough in Advanced Literature class,

Glad that Tonya Jones, Jason Cox do projects with Ji Yan,

professor Edward Harris walks into classroom buffing,

He adores Diane Harris, Clayton Harris, and approves Perkins library observations

professor Martha Minow is tough in Law and Rules,

she won’t agree to stop speaking on behalf of woman’s rights,

professor Chongsheng Cao bakes red potatoes, in Florida International University,

guest hosting Jiahong Wu for applied math teaching,

professor Wang Shicheng invites William Jaco for topology talk in Peking University,

Linda Jaco and William Bus Jaco feel good about the Yuan Ming yuan park and Wei Ming Lake,

when Sheng Wu does a techcrunch with Michael Arrington, Mark Zukerberg,

He smiles like sunshine as he wins $6000, a good sample to Tom Lee Wu,

both Jiahong Wu and Ji Yan feel entertained and pleased

when Tom Wu wins Payne County kindergarten, coloring contest at

Westwood Elementary School, obtain a $10 payment

when Amelia Wilson wins outstanding student of Oklahoma state university,

Kathleen Wilson, Stephan Wilson, and Matt Wilson grin…

so, one day, when Christ Christie drives to New Castle, Blanchard, Moore, Norman,

he is proud of his secret admire Rao shaohua, Li Aiqun, Peng Mei E, and Fan Min..

when Jiahong Wu wins national science foundation math research grant,

He begins to treat everyone better due to the encouragement,

as Amy Shen wins a math award,

she opts to seek more creative work with Peter Constantin, and Sarah Constantin,

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here, we list more folks around us, our friends, and our relatives:

Darla Welchel

Mike Crossley

Billie Blanchard,

Fred Zacher

Jeannette Lore

John Maker

Kevin Johnson

Scott O’Hara

Slam Dunk

Kathy Thomas

Jerry Baxter

Ann Walker

Kyle Saunders

Ryan Saunders

Nick Nazar

Eric LeDoux

Chris turner

Mark Turner

Jack Turner

Rebecca Brewster

Wu Sijue

Wu Siye

Jeanne Grimes

Peggy Bryan

Clint Welchel

Clarence Wright

Tom Cole

Jennefer Lawrence

Pixie Standford

Sharon Beasley

Casey Berry

Carl Halford

Rodney Albers

Kurt Judkins

Shelley Waughtel

Jennifer Wynee

Eric Ledoux

Shelly Spratt

Tarzan Fleming

Bailey Clawson

Bryant Coffman

Eloise Turner

Garland Cupp

Penny Cupp

Jay Wiese

Tom Pritsker

Peney Pritsker

David Lyle Boren

Bart Stan

Todd Lamb

James Lankford







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