how about the dreams in his suitcase today? (Sunday promts)

short story slam week 33, Nov. 12 to December 6, 2015

3WW Week No. 453

Carpe Diem #859 The Silk Road

venom of skins
who dares to disagree with the Moon
the earth kiss the spoon

a distracted soul
unveiling the scramble scrapes
I travel a million mile in a second

dishes left and laughter echo,
seven silent seagulls peck the seashells
foreign looks after dust

homeland security-
with uncle Sam in my suitcase
Copperfield tingles with wiggling sheen

a Texas roadhouse,
free peanuts plus mushed potatoes,
dancing girls dream about Michael Jackson

short story slam week 32,


peking guanghua

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

imperfect me,
perfect tall tale,
incomplete me,
prefer to play on children’s playground

slides, swings, monkey bars,
the inactive me imagines,
orlando, convington, perry,
the flat tires rolls

chaps, snapfish, flynn farm,
Harry Hughes has a bull dog, watching,
Marilyn Inselman has black cows, mooing,
Hart Bryda has tractors, resting

imperfect me,
fancy wishes,
Lucien Kerr does care about Rogers Ream,
Cass Rains does promote Guthrie Frankes.

friends come,
inspirations grow,
he is wise,
and he is pro