a pool of authentic postal view

when eric, derek, tom, and louis play pokmon games,
ivan, isabel, john, sheng, olive, and diane watch for fun,
bike riding and computer gaming seem perfect,
soccer game and flag football help them a lot

birthday party cupcakes,
happy new year red envelopes,
swimming is cool,
we do remember zach, jay, vikki, and cathy from bryker woods school

vegetable music is green,
sam, mike, rylan, albert, and joe seek support from yahoo,
the stories told by Sheenhan seem true,
the spirits of tyrek, theresa, patricia, john, sean, and amelia never ring dull

tonight, we speak of good moments,
tomorrow, we write about world view summary,
david boren, brad henry, and mary fallin have done well,
jerry brown, michelle obama, and laura bush carry soft heart